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      Move your WordPress website to another domain hosting

      Use below guide and transfer with safety all WordPress files Most frequent moving steps with answers Step 1 | Verify that your current site is working Open your current WordPress site and check that everything is working. Step 2 | Download the files of your website First, you need to

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      Change a WordPress username with database

      Replace the user login name with safety in phpAdmin In this guide, we show how you can change the login name for a user in the database. This can be useful in case you have forgotten your login, or if you have an insecure a username like "admin".Follow the below

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      Covert .Html to WordPress Files

      The road from sites built with pure HTML to WordPress was not a short one From an all-text experience, web design has moved on to a highly interactive web presence. In addition to that, we no longer have to write markup ourselves but can let content management systems do the

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      Tips and Tricks in WordPress

      The right site with Greek help Find out more about the WordPress CMS platform and help your work with more concise website presentation results you have to edit, develop and design. See More

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      WPML String Translation Symptoms Missing Code

      View issue that happened because re installed it few times for test the translate of website. The debug.log content has these errors:WordPress database error Table 'wp_icl_strings' doesn't exist for query…WordPress database error Table 'wp_icl_string_translations' doesn't exist for query…These errors result in the following issues:On the WPML->String Translation page there are no strings.When scanning for

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      Intersting Websites

      Net Beans

      Apache NetBeansFits the Pieces Together Quickly and easily develop desktop,...

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